Seeking help from an online psychologist in time of crisis.

Should I still seek help from a psychologist after a crisis?



“I was in a difficult place a month ago and was looking for a psychologist to talk to, but now that I’m feeling great, I don’t think I need one anymore…” This is a common phrase I, as a psychologist hear very often.

Getting support from a psychologist might be a lifeline when we are going through a crisis or a challenging scenario. A qualified professional can provide assistance, direction, and guidance on how to deal with the difficulties we encounter.

Why seeking help from a psychologist when things are going well is important

But what about the instances when everything seems to be going well? Should we still think about consulting a psychologist?

Yes, to answer briefly. In fact, consulting a psychologist when we’re in a positive frame of mind may be much more helpful than doing so in an emergency. Our brains are better suited to ponder and introspection when we are not in crisis mode.

We may focus more of our mental energy on analysing our actions, ideas, and emotions because we are less preoccupied with solving urgent problems. A psychologist can be extremely useful in this situation.

A psychologist can assist us in recognising patterns of behaviour and thought that may be adding to our stress or discomfort by providing a secure and encouraging environment for us to explore our inner world.

Together, we may create coping methods and approaches that will enable us to deal with these tendencies in a healthier manner.

Developing resilience through seeking support from a psychologist

When we’re in a positive frame of mind, asking for support can also help us develop resilience. When we’re in a good mood, it’s easier for us to take in criticism and make behavioural adjustments.

This means that we can actually advance towards our objectives, whether they are for professional, interpersonal, or personal development.

And as we increase our capacity for resilience and create better coping strategies, we are better prepared to weather any impending storms.

Yet consulting a psychologist for assistance goes beyond handling problems and handling crises. Also involved are personal development and self-discovery.

Working with a psychologist gives us the chance to examine our most profound wants, anxieties, and motives.

The tales we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of may be examined, and if they are limiting us, we can confront them.

The gym analogy: Visiting a psychologist for maintenance, not just crisis management

In many ways, visiting a psychologist for assistance is similar to going to the gym. We visit the gym not only to heal from injuries, but also to maintain our physical health and fitness.

According to this, we can engage with a psychologist to keep up our mental and emotional well-being rather than only to get through a difficult time.

We may strengthen our resilience, increase our level of self-awareness, and lead more rewarding lives by reflecting on our thoughts and feelings.


There is no right or wrong moment to seek psychological assistance; it is, after all, a personal decision. Yet if you’re in a good place and want to strengthen that position, consulting a psychologist can be a highly successful strategy.

A psychologist may offer the support and direction you need to reach your goals, whether you’re trying to deal with a challenging situation, increase your self-awareness, or just keep your mental and emotional health.

If you’re considering seeking help from a psychologist, remember that it’s never too early or too late to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. Even if things are going well, consulting with a psychologist can help you maintain your resilience, develop coping strategies, and work towards personal growth. If you need any further assistance, contact us today to schedule a session with one of our qualified psychologists.

By Phillipa Brown
MeHelp Psychologist & Founder